Moose Country Quilts

Terrie Kremer, Designer
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Do you have a quilt top just waiting to be quilted? Give me a call and we can talk about the possibilities. My goal is to enhance your piecing, not overwhelm it.

Prices start at 2 cents a square inch, with a minimum charge of $40.

Thread costs are additional. I carry a variety of solid and variegated threads.

Battings in many different fibers are available at competitive prices. Have you tried bamboo or wool battings?

Wide backing fabrics are also available.

Estimate. I prefer to see your quilt top and talk with you about your preferences before I give you an estimate.

Binding! I also offer binding services. You provide the fabric and I piece and attach the binding. I can machine sew the binding to your quilt and let you do the handwork, or I'd be happy to do the handwork also. This adds a very professional finish to your quilt with mitered corners, and is about 3/8" wide. Please do not attach the binding before it is quilted.

How to prepare your top: Be sure to square up your quilt top after it is completed. If it doesn't lay flat now, chances are you can make a few corrections and it will be a better project in the end! Press it well and fold it carefully.


The quilt back should be larger than the top; for a 60" x 80" quilt top, the backing should be 66" x 86". (Allow 4" - 8" extra for the quilt back; I'll trim away and return any excess.) If you have to piece the backing, sew with a 1/2" seam and press the seam open.


TIP: Never use the selvage edge in your quilt top or backing. It shrinks at a different rate than the rest of the fabric and will cause problems all around. Now, if you are doing an art quilt, that's a different matter...


TIP: Why should you pre-shrink the quilt back? Look at the size of the backing fabric... if it shrinks substantially and the top doesn't, it will affect the finished appearance of the quilt, and probably add a few bumps and wrinkles that weren't planned. Are you okay with that? If not, pre-shrink that back.


Watch for new tips on piecing and constructing your quilt.